Can I AirBnB My Apartment?

No.  This is in violation of your lease agreement.


We understand the desire and attractiveness for AirBnb arbitrage, however, our main focus each day is creating a superior experience for our residents.  Mixing short-term rental visitors with longer term residents is typically a recipe for disaster on many fronts.


We have received every inquiry and carefully worded request in the book.  If you reach out requesting approval for corporate housing, operating a short-term rental business, or are more blunt about your AirBnb intentions, please understand that your request will immediately be denied.


In the rare chance there is an opportunity to be considered, please be prepared to provide a robust business plan and track record for your request.  We will never rent one unit or several units on scattered floors to a short-term rental client.  As mentioned above relative to resident experience, that would not be in the best interest of the building.


In very isolated cases, we may consider renting entire floors to a specific company that has demonstrated exceptional service and understands our expectations as an industry leading property management company.


We do allow residents to sublet their space, but again, for both liability and community reasons, we require sublet prospects submit a rental application so our management team knows who is in the building at all times.


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