My Work Order Wasn’t Closed Out. What Do I Do?

We recognize that not all work orders are created equal and sometimes cannot be closed out during our initial troubleshooting visit.


Our process for closing out work orders is as follows:

  1. -Tenant submits work order via online portal.
  2. -Skale Real Estate maintenance team visits units to troubleshoot and remediate the issue.
  3. -If not able to remediate on initial visit, our team will schedule and coordinate with a third-party vendor for follow-up assessment.


A member of our team will follow up once the third-party service visit is scheduled.  We will never allow an outside professional to enter a unit without supervision from the Skale Real Estate team.  You will not be required to be home at the time of the visit unless you wish to be.


Please note, if the source of the issue is determined to be “tenant negligence”, there will be an associated charge on your tenant portal.


If you have special instructions for our follow up visit, please feel free to share those with our team.


Please understand that it is important to our team to deliver an exceptional living experience and it is our goal to have work orders closed out in a timeline fashion.  If you feel your work order was improperly closed out by our team, we suggest you resubmit an additional work order and provide detailed instructions of the issue that persists.


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