Can I Sublet My Apartment?

Although subletting is permitted on a case by case basis, there are several considerations that go into this decision.


Our team is motivated to keep our residents happy and we will do everything in our power to work with you and help assist in your request for a sublet.  We will outline some important considerations below that hopefully add clarity to your request.


Any requests or communications related to joint and several lease agreements must include each of the members of that corresponding agreement.  In other words, if you are looking for a sublet to take over your bedroom, your roommate(s) must be included in the process and agree to resident swap.


Important Terms

  • -Sublettor – the individual expressing interest in moving into the unit
  • -Sublessee – the individual currently residing in the unit

Important Considerations

  1. 1. Residents are a member of a joint and several lease agreement with no early termination clause.
  2. 2. All sublettor applicants will follow the same application and screening process that the sublessee was required to complete.
  3. 3. A $350 fee will be assessed to the sublessee if sublettor application is approved.
  4. 4. The sublessee will remain primarily responsible for lease terms and payments through the remainder of the term even with a sublettor in place.  
  5. 5. Pre-paid security deposits and last month’s rent will remain on file for the household ledger.  If sublessee wishes to receive these funds back at time of contract signing, they should request to be reimbursed from the sublettor directly. 
  6. 6. Management will not assist in locating a sublettor. 

Process Overview

  1. 1. Resident (sublessee) locates an interested individual (sublettor) to lease the space.
  2. 2. Roommate(s) acknowledge the request and consent to moving forward with the process.
  3. 3. Sublessee tours sublettor through apartment, explains leasing process, and property management expectations.
  4. 4. Sublesses connects sublettor with the Leasing Department to start the application process.
  5. 5. Rental application is sent to sublettor and co-signer (if necessary).
  6. 6. Rental application is reviewed by Leasing Department and decision is communicated.
  7. 7. Sublessee is charged and subsequently pays the $300 sublet fee.
  8. 8. Sublet contract documents are sent to sublessee, sublettor, roommates (if necessary), and co-signers (if necessary).
  9. 9. Sublettor is added to existing household of online resident portal.  Sublessee remains responsible if payments are not made to this ledger by sublettor.

Approval Considerations

  • -Sublettor applicant is qualified per standard screening guidance.
  • -There is no less than 5 months remaining on the current lease contract.  In this event, management may ask sublettor to sign a longer term lease agreement.  

If you have any additional questions as it relates to the ability to sublet your apartment, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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