Can I Park My Moving Truck On-Site?

Planning for your move-in day is so important to ease stress and create an enjoyable first day in your new home.


Each building within our portfolio has a very different parking situation and planning for how you will unload items into the building can be an important item to consider in advance.


The city of Philadelphia does have a fairly sophisticated process for requesting special street closure / reserved parking spots for residents moving into their new home.


We encourage all incoming residents to consider this option.  Spaces can be reserved for as little as $25 per day and will provide much easier access in and out of the building.  We also encourage this process if you are planning a move-out of one of our buildings.


To start this application process, you can visit the Streets Department’s website here by clicking here.  


Alternatively, should you wish our team to coordinate this process on your behalf because you are out of the area or unable to pick up signage, we can do so for a $100 fee, which will include the fee owed to the City of Philadelphia.  In order to put this in motion, please reach out to the Leasing Department at least 7 days prior to your scheduled move-in day.


Please note, in either situation, we cannot guarantee compliance with the posted signage.  Should you arrive to the property and vehicles are parked within the zone reserved for your truck, it will be your responsibility to call local police and have the vehicle ticketed.  Once there is a ticket on the vehicle, the towing company can legal remove it for the space.  This end to end process could take upwards of 1-2 hours before the space is freed up.  


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