Can I Sublet But Not Be Responsible For Remaining Tenancy?

This is a question we have received quite a bit over the years.  Unfortunately, the short answer is no.


For any resident that is looking to end their lease early, they have the ability to follow our standard sublet process.  An overview of that process can be found here.  


However, if you wish to be completely released from your obligation, our leasing team will need to put together a creative solution to be approved by ownership.  This is a case by case conversation that depends on several factors.


First, the incoming prospect would need to apply and be evaluated per our standard application process.  When a resident agrees to the standard sublet process, they are jointly liable.  When requesting to be released altogether, the leasing team will evaluate that prospect independently and could be more challenging to approve.


Second, because they are a net new resident and our standard is to always deliver a professionally cleaned and painted unit, this service will need to be accounted for in order to release you.  It is not a cost the owner will incur due to this request.  For reference, a standard turnover – regardless of the condition the unit is left in, ranges anywhere from $1100-$1500.


A resident making this request should be prepared to (at minimum) forfeit their security deposit to cover this costs.  In that situation, you would not owe a sublet fee in that situation; the security deposit forfeiture would cover all turnover expenses and administrative expenses to process and move-in the new tenant.


Should you wish to explore this path, it will still be your responsibility to post advertisements and show the apartment to prospective prospects.  The leasing team may consider posting a complimentary ad and forwarding leads your way but their effort should not be depended on to source a replacement.


Please let our team know if you have any additional questions!


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