Can I Review The Security Footage From The Building’s Camera?

Each of our buildings do include a state-of-the-art surveillance camera system.  Each system is in place to help protect our residents in the event of an emergency.


We recognize there are many instances where camera footage may be requested, however, our team does not have the bandwidth to review footage related to speculative activity that is not associated with a filed police report.


A few examples that might prompt you to reach out for footage…


Stolen Packages

We recognize that package theft has been a significant issue in recent years, especially in the City of Philadelphia.  Your building has a designated package room for your convenience and we encourage all residents to be very careful of who they admit to the building.  Each building has secure digital access that should survive significant tampering activities.


If your package has been marked as “delivered” by the carrier, we typically suggest waiting a day or so for administrative errors to clear up and be certain a package was wrongfully taken.  In other situations, it may have been removed from the area by honest mistake and could be shortly returned.


If the issue persists, we encourage residents to temporarily send packages to a more secure location such as a family member’s address or a secure courier locker facility that requires a pick-up.


Criminal Activity

If you are inquiring about an incident that is considered “criminal”, you are encouraged to file a police report with the local precinct.  We will do our best to cooperate but unfortunately cannot release footage unless a police report is filed.


Vehicle Accident

If you believe your vehicle was struck or there was another vehicle related incident and it might be on camera, we will still need a police report in order to review footage and/or release the content.


It is also important to note that each camera will only record on activity based events.


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