Can I Have An Extension On My Renewal Decision?

Our Leasing Department will always do our best to be as proactive as possible during the renewal engagement process.


It is our intention to reach out far enough in advance to allow our residents to start the conversation with co-residents and/or have ample time to explore the marketplace.  At the same time, this allows our Leasing Department ample time to advertise and procure a new applicant should you decide to move out at the end of your lease term.


Renewal decision extensions can be approved on a case by case basis.  In some cases, we’ll be able to withhold a listing from going live to the public for a few days but extensions longer than that would put the owner of the building at a significant disadvantage and make it more challenging to secure a new resident.


It is important to note that resident renewal offers will remain valid on their resident portal until a new group submits a holding deposit and has an approved application on file.  This means that although we have listed your unit for rent and began tours, there is still an opportunity to extend your lease.  However, please note this is a first come first serve policy and if we show an apartment, receive application and deposit same day, that individual will be given priority even if a renewal is attempted to be signed the next day.


If you ever have any questions regarding the renewal process, please do not hesitate to reach out!


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