Will My Move-In Be Delayed Due To Construction?

Our Leasing Department is in constant communication with our development team and general contractors to ensure that the move-in date we are agreeing to at initial lease signing is a realistic target.

Our team has delivered multiple new construction buildings throughout the the city and are always cognizant of the challenge of aligning building delivery date with a desired move-in date.

With that in mind, some components of the construction process are outside of our control and hinge on external dependencies controlled by the City of Philadelphia, utility companies, or state inspectors. When we encounter situations where those items could be delayed, it may impact your move-in date.

With that in mind, we will promise to communicate all updates in real time as we receive them. We will never adjust your move-in days before. If we feel we are “cutting it close” or the building will not be ready, we will attempt to adjust your date weeks in advance.

In the event you do not have flexibility, we will allow you to cancel your lease agreement as we recognize it is not feasible to ask for continuous date changes.


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