What Damages Will Be Charged Against My Security Deposit?

Our team is committed to delivering a flawless unit at each move-in.  Each time a resident vacates a unit, a member of our maintenance team will conduct a thorough walk through of the unit and complete a comprehensive “Move-Out Inspection”.


We ask that all residents leave the unit in near condition of how it was delivered to them.  We will not assess “Standard Charges” or minimums but we do expect the space to have been cleared of all items and initially cleaned by tenants.


Cleaning – each unit will be professionally cleaned prior to new tenant arrival.  However, we will not bill you for cleaning charges unless the work is considered “excessive” by the cleaning crew when they arrive.


Painting – each unit will be professionally painted prior to a new tenant arrival.  You will not be billed for painting charges unless you have altered the color or caused additional work that would be covered by a standard turnover effort.


Wall Repairs – minor wall repairs will be forgiven but any large holes, scratches or larger defects will be billed against your security deposit.  We ask all residents use proper hanging hardware and try to use picture hanging hooks to reduce hole sizes throughout the unit.


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