My Power Is Out – What Do I Do?

We recognize the loss of power is a extreme inconvenience.  At first sign of a power outage, we ask that you review the following before submitting a work order / calling the property management office.


  1. Service Set-Up – if you are a resident in one of our new construction buildings, it is common for individual sub-meters to not be installed until after your move-in.  This means once PECO has the opportunity to install meters at the property, residents will be required to formally set up service in their name.  Our team will always try to provide as much notice as possible for you to start this service, however, if there is a delay or the ask is simply not completed, there is risk that PECO will temporarily cut power to the unit.

  3. Area Outage – a more common situation for loss of power is due to an area wide outage.  PECO has an emergency site established specifically for tracking and reporting power outages.  You can visit that website here.  You can launch the outage map and determined whether or not your address has been affected by such an issue.  If it is not, it is recommended that you use their “Report an Outage” feature.  Generally speaking, in situations of area wide outages, power can be restored within the hour but it is heavily dependent on the root cause (storm damage, etc)

A friendly reminder that when the power is out the elevator will be out of service.  Your Latch Digital Access locks are powered with battery backups so there is no need to be concerned regarding access during this time.


If there is a known issue with the building that is affecting your unit, we will be able to identify it very quickly and will likely be reaching out proactively before you have time to report it yourself.


If you have any other questions regarding power issues, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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