Community Amenity / Communal Space Policy

Many of our buildings include incredible amenity or communal area (both outdoor and indoor) spaces available for tenant use.  It is important all residents understand their responsibility to their neighbors and respect this space at all times.


Residents that use the space irresponsibly, cause damage, or violate other specific clauses of their lease agreement relative to this space will be subject to necessary fines on their online resident ledger.

Communal spaces include, but are not limited to:

  • -Rooftop and Patios
  • -Parking Lot
  • -Gym
  • -Package Room
  • -Bicycle Storage

Expectations of these spaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Quiet Enjoyment – it is important that you cognizant of others in the building and do not cause disturbances into the late hours of the night.  While you are permitted to have guests over, we ask that you avoid large private gatherings that may compromise the use of the space for others.

  • Cleanliness – it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself.  This includes, but is not limited, ensuring trash is bagged and properly disposed of, loose items are not left spread throughout the space.

  • Proper Use – please respect the area and be aware of its’ intended use.  Areas such as the gym are intended for use of residents only.  Please do not welcome others into this space in such a way where it is no longer accessible to residents.  Additionally, it is important you care for the equipment to ensure damage is not causes.

Amenity Space Rental 

Should you be interested in reserving one of the amenity spaces in your building for a private gathering, please reach out directly to our Leasing Department.  For a small reservation fee, team may be able to coordinate signage and building notifications.  Please note that reserving the space for a private event does not absolve one from the expectations set forth above.


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