What If I Don’t Want Renter’s Insurance?

Renters insurance is a requirement in every building we manage.

Our system will notify us of any unit that fails to meet the insurance requirement and trigger an automated communication residents 5 days to provide proof of coverage. If they do not do so after 5 days, coverage under the FolioGuard Smart Ensure Liability policy will automatically be applied to the unit.


It is recommended that residents reach out to existing insurance providers that provide products such as home, auto, and health coverage to understand the costs of bundling an additional services.  In our experience, it is typically $5-10/month but varies by individual.


In order to help residents obtain coverage, our team has partnered with Lemonade, a leading provider in renter’s insurance to provide options that are directly synced to our team’s account.  You can use this link to set up your policy in a few minutes and our team’s information will be auto filled and the proof of coverage will be directly emailed to us once your registration is complete.


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