Can You Wait Until Closer To My End Date To Start Apartment Tours?

Unfortunately, we cannot delay the start of apartment tours. The Leasing Department manages a very intentional timeline as it relates to expiring leases and it is important that each unit have at least 75-90 days of advertising opportunity in order to not put the owner of the building at a disadvantage.

We recognize apartment tours can sometimes be an inconvenience, however, they are necessary for lease placements. We typically start advertising an apartment after a “non-renewal notice” is received and/or 90 days prior to lease termination date.

One important thing to note about our leasing process is that we have a robust library of digital assets for all units that are shared with prospects prior to visiting on-site. This includes photography, video, and 3D tours of each unique layout a building has to offer. This is important because we believe it cuts down on the number of times we must physically enter your space. All prospects are provided 3D tours prior to scheduling a tour.

Further, we like to remind each of our residents that maintaining a tidy space for tours will translate to a more successful visit and hopefully cut back on the number of prospects need to see the space in order to make a decision.


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