What is a “Waived Turnover”?

Our team takes the “turnover process” very seriously. It is our expectation that each resident will move into their new home with a professionally cleaned and painted unit.

Because of this, we intentionally start new leases a 5 days after a current lease is coming to an end.

However, we do understand that you may be moving from an apartment yourself and need to move in sooner. Although we cannot expedite our turnover efforts, we can offer to move you in sooner if you agree to a “waived turnover”.

A “waived turnover” simply means that you are agreeing to accept the unit as-is and will promptly complete your move-in conditions report asap. Our team will be on stand-by in the coming days to make repairs to the unit as necessary but will not be able to clean or paint prior to your move-in. We will do our best to visit afterwards and help with standard wall repairs but this may also be challenging depending on how many items have been moved in.

We want all incoming residents to consider this option carefully before moving forward. It is our preference that all residents plan for a normally scheduled unit and have the benefit of receiving a “turned unit”.

Alternatively, we encourage residents to explore alternative options including short term housing, short term storage units, staying with friends / family etc.


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