I Saw A Mouse – What Do I Do?

Each new construction building is pre-treated for insects and rodents.  If you’ve spotted a mouse in your apartment, you can submit a work-order and a member of our team will visit your unit within 24 hours to troubleshoot and attempt to rectify the issue.


If you reside on a ground floor unit and/or are in close proximity to the building’s centralized waste area, you may have a higher exposure to these unwanted critters regardless of how intentional your efforts are.


Control what you can control.  Below are a few helpful tips and best practices to follow to help avoid insects and rodents can be found below.

  1. Keep a clean apartment.  A mouse won’t linger if it doesn’t have anywhere to hide. Keep mice away by keeping your apartment clean. Avoid clutter, especially piles of clothes or shoes on the floor.You also want to make sure your kitchen countertops and floors stay clean. Crumbs can end up anywhere, and mice want to eat them. Wiping down counters after every meal, and doing a quick vacuum around your kitchen floor can make a big difference.

  3. Contain trash.  Consider getting a garbage can with a lid for the kitchen. This immediately blocks mice and insects from getting into your trash. Then, take out the garbage often so there’s no chance of overflow.Make sure dirty dishes don’t pile up in the sink either. Just like with your trash can, a full sink of dishes looks like a buffet to mice. If you’re unable to load dirty dishes into the dishwasher (or hand wash them) right after you’re done eating, at least rinse them clean of food particles.

  5. Properly seal food.  Remember, certain foods have an odor even before we cook them. And, this smell can entice a mouse. Compounded with their ability to eat through almost anything, they could make a happy home in your pantry cabinet.Things like coffee, rice and even crackers belong in airtight containers to keep them off a rodent’s radar. Cardboard isn’t going to protect your food, since it’s also a potential food source for mice, so take that cereal out of the box, as well.

  7. Consider a natural repellent.  There are actually a few ways to naturally repel mice. Perhaps the best is peppermint oil. Mice don’t like the strong scent, so it’s great at keeping them away. Simply place 3-5 drops of pure peppermint oil on a few cotton balls, and place them near doors and windows or anywhere a mouse may find their way into your apartment. They’ll move on to the next place without a second thought.A few other natural odors known to repel mice include that of cayenne pepper, cloves, ammonia and mothballs. Ammonia actually mimics the odor of predators’ urine to mice, so does a great job of keeping them away.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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