What Is Your Screening Process?

Our screening process is a fairly straight-forward one.


Once a rental application is submitted, our third-party screening service will pull a variety of recent reports and files directly tied to your social security number (SSN).


A few of the items that will be provided to our leasing team for review are:

  • -Credit Report
  • -Eviction History Report
  • -Criminal Background Report


A few of the items that are required during submission and our leasing team will review are:

  • -Variable proof of income
  • -Valid government issued identification


Please note that an approval or denial is never made based solely on one area of an individuals’ application.  Our team will review the credentials of all applicants, co-applicants, and co-signers from a holistic perspective when making a decision about tenancy.

If you have additional questions about our screening process, acceptable forms of documentation etc, please visit our leasing reference material repository here.  


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