Can I Paint The Walls In My Unit?

Our management team strongly recommends against this.


However, so long that the property owner does not object, we are happy to make an exception for our residents so long that they fully understand the responsibility and efforts that are associated with this ask.


Tenants are required to pay a one time administrative fee of $50.00 fee for this request.  A signed Paint Addendum, demonstrating written approval from Landlord, will also be required.  


Tenants are responsible for painting the walls back to their original color and doing it in a manner that meet or exceed the standards of our maintenance team. This responsibility includes the tenant purchasing supplies and materials to complete to activity.


Responsibility Prior to Move-Out


If walls are not restored to the original color or do not meet necessary standard, Tenant will be billed for the entire amount charged by the turnover crew.  Our turnover crews does not charge for “touch up”; rather, any work we coordinate with them will be billed for a full paint per their square footage pricing model regardless of how small the job you may think it is.


In other words, any additional work caused following move-out will require significant compensation from the Tenant, which is the primary reason we recommend against this request.  By signing this addendum, Tenant acknowledges this and understands they have reviewed high level estimates below:


Studio – 400-600 sqft: $800-$1000

1 Bedroom – 600-800 sqft: $1000-$1300

2 Bedroom – 850+ sqft: $1300-$1750


Prohibited Areas


Tenants are not allowed to paint in basements, stairwells, hallways, closets, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or on kitchen walls that have cabinets or any countertop surface; or paint ceilings, trim, cabinets, flooring, windows, doors, appliances, fixtures, etc. If any of the aforementioned areas are painted without written approval, Tenant could incur additional charges.


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